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Aug 24, 2021

Evoke feelings of prosperity and abundance through this 10 minute guided meditation practice that uses visualization and loving-kindness. By the end of the session, you'll feel abundance and joy towards yourself and loved ones.

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This guided meditation practice is from our app,...

Aug 19, 2021

Manage your temptations with this 15 minute guided meditation practice that will use mindfulness to notice when temptations arise and allow them to pass on their own. You'll learn a valuable tool to dealing with thoughts, memories, and images that come with feelings of temptation.

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Aug 17, 2021

Help get your heart rate and blood pressure to a healthier place with this guided meditation practice to help lower blood pressure. In 10 minutes, you'll use breathing you bring your physical state to a calmer and more relaxed place. Note: This practice is not intended to treat high blood pressure. Always seek the...

Aug 12, 2021

Optimism is a powerful tool to help you fend off cynicism and bitterness. In this 15 minute guided meditation, we'll use mindfulness and loving-kindness to help us invoke feelings of optimism and shift our mindset to become more optimistic.

#guidedmeditation #optimism #mindfulness

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Aug 10, 2021

As anxious thoughts arise, it can be challenging to avoid get swept up by them and falling into a pit of despair and anxiety. In this 15 minute guided meditation practice, we'll manage and ground our attention to help us get out of anxious thoughts and thinking, and into a more stable and peaceful...